Kira and Gurdeep

The rest of Kira & Gurdeep’s Portland Wedding!

Although they knew that two ceremonies would make for a long day, Kira and Gurdeep honored his heritage with a ceremony in a Sikh Temple in the morning (see the previous post about their wedding), but also wanted to have a more traditional American wedding ceremony in the afternoon, which reflected more of Kira’s background. The afternoon ceremony was a very personal reflection of their life as a couple. Escorted by their parents, Gurdeep and Kira each walked down two separate aisles at the same time. Siblings served as their wedding party and nieces and nephews were the flower girls and ring bearers. They were married by their friend Aaron (a former roommate) and wrote and read their own vows.

After their second ceremony, family and friends ate delicious food, followed by desert– a mix of Indian sweets and local Portland ice cream– and then danced the night away to wedding classics with a little bit of Indian Bhangara music mixed in. The entire event was a wonderful melding of the two of them, their families and their traditions!



Kira and Gurdeep’s Indian Portland Wedding

When my brother-in-law Gurdeep told us that he and his fiance were getting married and wanted help planning their wedding, I was super excited to be a part of it, and to help them figure out the nuances of putting together a multi cultural wedding.

As many of you know, I have kind of an interesting background– my American hippie parents became Sikhs (an Indian religion) before I was born and my sisters and I grew up in India. I met my Indian husband Gurmeet in boarding school in India but he and his brothers grew up in the States, so our two families have kind of a funny cross cultural thing going on. When my husband and I got married 13 years ago, it was fun (and challenging) to figure out how to represent both of cultures in a meaningful way.  We ended up doing two different wedding ceremonies in the same day– one traditional Indian Sikh wedding, and one more American ceremony.

Kira and Gurdeep decided to do the same thing, with two different ceremonies. Gurdeep’s fiance Kira grew up in Portland (without the whole India connection that I had) and the couple have both lived in Portland for years. They are a super cute, quirky couple and love a lot about the whole Bollywood culture (India’s version of Hollywood) and wanted to incorporate that with some of Portland’s unique culture into their wedding.  Here are some images from the first half of their wedding day, when they did their traditional Sikh ceremony.

Stay tuned for another blog post with their second ceremony and the rest of their wedding day!