Can’t go wrong with cute babies and cute kids!

Had so much fun getting to know Kirsten and her husband Jimmy and their cute little boys! I was very impressed with Blaise, who managed his big brother duties quite well while and holding and playing with little Jace. Congrats guys– you’ve got some fun years ahead of you!


Ashley & CJ’s Mountain Engagement Session

Ashley & CJ couldn’t be more cute together, and I had a blast hanging out with them a couple weeks ago! I am a big proponent of engagement photos (which are included with all of our wedding photography), even though everyone is always nervous about doing them, because it gives us a chance to just get to know each other and play around a little without the schedule and location restraints of a wedding day. Plus, that way when I arrive on the big day, couples are already super comfortable with the camera. So excited for Ashely & CJ’s wedding next summer!


Allie & Aaron’s Trail Creek Pavilion Wedding

Allie and Aaron’s wedding was sweet and intimate. The couple met in architecture school and recently moved back to the Valley, where Allie grew up. They are both low key, and planned a wedding that matched their personalities. They wanted a wedding that was just about celebrating with those they are close with. It’s always important to me to have the photography at a wedding reflect the personalities of the couple. I loved photographing their wedding– getting to document the interactions and special little moments throughout the day.

It’s always great to work with such an awesome team of vendors– Kat Stansberry at Sun Valley, Tara Bella Flowers, DJ Nathan Hudson, Joanne Brand at Third Floor Salon, Barbara’s Party Rentals, and of course my second shooter Christina Carlson.


Kimberly & Andrew’s Wedding at Trail Creek

Andrew asked Kimberly out on their first date when she was 16. After 10 years of friendship, teaching tennis in Sun Valley in the summers during high school and college, and living together as roommates– they finally started dating. He would ask her on out for some adventure or another and it would turn into dinner, drinks or a trivia night. Six and a half years later he proposed, and on Saturday they were married at Trail Creek Pavilion.

Kimberly and Andrew are such a delight to be around. They are goofy, energetic and competitive. They, and their family and friends are just such a fun, happy group, and their wedding was too! Here are some images preview images from the wedding. As you can see, even on their wedding day, Kimberly and Andrew were quite adventurous!


Brooke & Greg’s Family Focused Wedding

Brooke and Greg were married on Saturday with a celebration that focused on the blending of their two families. It was an emotional day, filled with joy, tears and lots of laughter. Brooke and Greg wanted an event that was truly personal, and they got it. It was inspiring to see a day so focused on family, and a couple that is so very happy together! Congratulations you two!  And thank you so much to my second shooter Christina Carlson for all your help! 


Julia and Justin’s Wedding at Trail Creek

Julia and Justin have the cutest story of how they met– they were introduced by each of their best friends who are married to each other, and thought they would be a perfect match. They lived far from each other, and didn’t think it would work out. Their respective best friends, who would not be deterred, kept making up stories about how each one of them was interested in the other, until they started talking. Justin ended up flying out to Phoenix during a layover Julia had on a trip so that he could take her on a date. And as they say, the rest is history…

This weekend, Julia and Justin had a truly elegant wedding at Sun Valley’s Trail Creek Pavilion, which I was so excited to photograph. Heather Minor and her staff, and the staff of Sun Valley, helped to plan the most stunning event, with dinner on the lawn overlooking Baldy under the soft glow of strings of bistro lights. I love when wedding ceremonies have a personal touch, and Julia and Justin’s was one of my favorites. They were married by a close friend who gave the ceremony the perfect mix of humor and sweetness. Julia and Justin also surprised the crowd with an elaborately choreographed first dance that had the crowd dying of laughter.

Not a bad day at work!

Thank you to all of the great vendors that helped bring it all together!Heather Minor Events, Sun Valley Company, Ketchum Flower Company, Britt Davis, Danielle Anspach of Mane Muse, DJ Mike Cherches, That’s Entertainment, and of course my great second photographer Christina Carlson!


Lizzie & Mitch’s Sun Valley Wedding at Trail Creek

The happiness and excitement were contagious at Lizzie and Mitch’s Trail Creek Pavilion wedding on Saturday. Watching Lizzie walk down the aisle with her parents, grinning the whole way, Mitch could not stop smiling, and neither could I or any of their guests. It was such a pleasure to be a part of the wedding. Hopefully these preview images can help to share a little bit of their joy to brighten your day!

Lizzie and Mitch put together a great team of vendors who helped make their day so special– Taylor Sturges of Taylor’d Events, Kat Stansberry of Sun Valley, New Soul Brigade, hair by Danielle Anspach of Mane Muse, makeup by Britt Davis and videography by Two Birds Studio. A big thank you to Christina Carlson for being my second shooter for the event.




A Saturday with the Sammis Family

People always say to me—“you wouldn’t believe what happened at our house the other day! I wish you could have been there with your camera!” And I wish I could have been there too. Because those un-expected everyday moments are the ones I love to photograph.


I was excited to spend a fun morning with Stephanie and Clay’s family doing just that! With three boys between the ages of 6 and 13, life at the Sammis home is far from boring. Just in the few hours I was hanging out, the kids did homework, jumped on their trampoline, played foosball, fed their pet iguana, and took a bike ride to the skate park in town (among other things)!  This is life everyday at their house (and mine and yours too I suspect.) A beautiful mix of chaos and calm. And these are some of the important moments- the ones we want to remember.


And so, we are introducing the “Story of You”- a lifestyle photography session documenting the ordinary moments in your life. The unscripted, real flashes of life that can slip by unnoticed. It’s your story and I will you help tell it. It can just be you hanging out with your family being you. We can do a lazy morning at home or we can go on a hike or a bike ride. I can photograph you making breakfast, reading books, sledding, nursing, or chasing the chickens. You can be picking carrots in the garden, taking a trip to the grocery store, jumping in puddles or giving the kids a bath.

Whatever it is that fills your day and makes your family glow, let me tag along to capture your story today so that you can look back and remember it tomorrow….”The Story of You.”


Last Weekend’s Naval Academy Wedding in Annapolis!

What fun to photograph a military wedding in Annapolis, Maryland last weekend! The couple met in French class at the academy, and were excited to be back where it all started to tie the knot. It was such a treat to be part of a such a beautifully traditional military wedding.

The groom’s mother was the orchestrator of the most stunning reception at Maria’s Love Point, a bed and breakfast on the Chesapeake Bay.

Thank you to all the great vendors that put together the wedding, including Claire MacCallum of USNA, planner Amy Wales Reilly and delicious catering by Main and Market.  And a huge thank you to Robin Leahy for traveling across the country to help me with the wedding, and for keeping me on track!







Hey Dads Out There…..You Rock!

For Father’s Day, we say thank you to our own dads, husbands, and brothers, and to all of those dad’s out there who are absolutely rockin’ it!  Depending on the day, you know just when to provide the laughter, the discipline, the unconditional love, and the patience that we all need.  Here is a little visual tribute and thank you for all you do to make your family stronger.

“My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence Budington Kelland


“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” -Antoine Francois Prevost


“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”




“You make me laugh, even when I’m not in the mood to smile.”


“A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow.”