Watching kids grow…

When Alicia called to schedule her latest shoot, I asked her to tell me a little bit about what Lachlan and Archie are like right now. I have been lucky to photograph both of the boys a bunch of times since their newborn sessions, but as they grow things are always changing, and it’s great to hear how their little personalities are developing, and what they are into. She warned me that Lachlan is a total poser (and might need some toning down!) and that Archie doesn’t like to pose for photos at all. So we kept things moving, so neither boy would have much of a chance to think about the camera (which was helped by a huge rain cloud quickly approaching!), and had such a fun, spontaneous session!

Alexa + Augie’s Wedding

So very sweet.

I think that is the best way to describe Alexa and Augie’s wedding. I loved being a part of their big day. It was so very fun to witness their joy and be able to capture some of it.

I have to say—I do love my job.

Alexa and Augie got married on Saturday at Sun Valley’s Trail Creek Pavilion. The wedding, put together by the talented Heather Minor and her team, was beautiful. One detail that was extra special was the use of magnolia leaves (which were Alexa’s father’s favorite) for place cards.

After the ceremony, the couple had quite the party (with a group that knew how to dance!) that went late into the night. It’s always so much fun to see the couple having the time of their lives, and that was the case with Alexa, who said to me (late into the night), “I am having so much fun, I never want this to end!”

Wedding Planner: Heather Minor Events | Venue Planner: Kat Stansberry of Sun Valley Company | Second Photographer: Tessa Sheehan | Venue: Sun Valley’s Trail Creek Pavilion | Flowers: Tara Bella Flowers | Band: New Soul Brigade | Ceremony Musician: Jimmy Mitchell |Hair: Danielle & Georgia of Mane Muse | Makeup: Britt Davis Beauty| Catering & Cake: Sun Valley  | Videographer: Silverline Films | Invitations: Ellis Hill



Zoe + Tyler’s Elegant Sun Valley Wedding

I love listening to all of the toasts at weddings. It seems like there is no better way to get a glimpse into someone’s life– to hear what they mean to their closest family and friends, to hear their strengths complimented, to see fun poked at them, for them to be harassed and roasted!

Zoe and Tyler’s was one of those weddings with great toasts! It was evident from all the speeches, first on Friday night at Roundhouse, and then on their wedding day at Trail Creek, that they are an extraordinary couple– strong, confident people who compliment each other in the best ways. I feel fortunate to have been chosen to document their big day!

Thank you to the team of hard working vendors who helped bring it all together!

Second Photographer: Amanda Nagy| Wedding Planner: Solomon Event Planning & Kat Stansberry of Sun Valley Company | Venue: Sun Valley’s Trail Creek Pavilion | Flowers: Tara Bella Flowers | Band: Gold Coast All Stars | Hair: Georgia Gelder of Mane Muse | Makeup: Ashley Hurley of Britt Davis Beauty| Catering & Cake: Sun Valley  | Videographer: Blue Chip Media


Lauren + Darren’s Sun Valley Wedding at Trail Creek Pavilion

I’ve been smiling all day as I’ve been going through and editing the photos from Lauren & Darren’s wedding, which was on Saturday at Sun Valley’s Trail Creek Pavilion. Their joy was so clear and so contagious, and it shows through so clearly in the photos, which just makes me smile.

When we asked them how they met, Lauren answered, “We met is San Diego through mutual friends. He asked me out, we met at a park with our dogs and the rest is history.” Pretty simple, but pretty darn cute.

Darren grew up in the Valley, and comes back often. When he and Lauren met, they began to come together, and Sun Valley became special to them as a couple. On Christmas Day in 2016, they went snowboarding on Baldy, and on the last run down, Darren pulled out a ring.

Lauren & Darren are so laid back, and that’s just how their wedding was—that and really super sweet. As always, thank you to the great team of people that helped pull off another wonderful wedding, and thanks to Lauren and Darren for choosing me as their photographer! I really do have the best job!

Second Photographer: Tessa Sheehan| Wedding Planner: Amara Cinko of Expressed Image Wedding Planning & Kat Stansberry of Sun Valley Company | Flowers: Sue Bridgman Florist | Hair: Gina Raso | Makeup: Brie Fowler| Venue: Sun Valley’s Trail Creek Pavilion | Catering: Sun Valley |  DJ: Train | Band: The Emily Stanton Band | Photo Booth: Idaho Photo Bus | Cake: The Konditorei




Lauren & Kenneth got married in Sun Valley!

Lauren and Kenneth are so cute and romantic, and so was their wedding. It was beautiful, extravagant and fun, but still felt so intimate and personal.

I love to hear people’s stories— who they are, how they met, how they got engaged. These are the first questions that I ask people when we start to talk about their wedding day, because I want to really know who they are, and to strive to bring these things through in their images.

Here is the story of how Kenneth ask Lauren to marry him, “We were in the Grand Cayman Islands for my uncle’s wedding. The proposal was the day after the wedding. The whole family was getting ready for dinner, and I asked Lauren to come with me to watch the sunset. Little did she know that there were flower petals in a heart shape on the beach and a photographer ready to capture the event. We walked down to the beach, and noticed the flowers. At that time I turned to her and told her how much I loved her and wanted her to be in my life forever. I knelt down on one knee and asked her. The whole family was watching from the resort balcony and irrupted in cheer. We lit a Chinese wish lantern and watched it fly into the distance after making a wish.”

For me, last weekend’s wedding was a pleasure to photograph—not only because Lauren and Kenneth are so in love and so sweet together, but also because over the years, I have gotten to know their family well. Their wedding was the third family wedding I have been lucky enough to photograph, and this family knows how to have a good time!

Thank you to the great team of people who made Lauren & Kenneth’s big day come together so beautifully!

Second Photographer: Amanda Nagy | Wedding Planner: Kelley Maybo of Blue Bottle Events | Flowers: Tara Bella Flowers |Hair: Mane Muse | Makeup: Britt Davis | Videography: Blue Chip Media  | Catering: Kellee Haven/KB Burrito |  DJ: Nathan Hudson | Rentals: That’s Entertainment | Invitations: Queen Bee | Photo Booth: One Fun Photo Bus | Cake: The Konditorei



Brooke and Brooks’ sweet wedding

Brooke and Brooks had the sweetest wedding last weekend in the Sun Valley. Somehow, everything came together perfectly– a couple in love, friends and family who could not have been happier for them, a beautiful summer day, a stunning location, and a great team to put it all together. Brooke and Brooks’ happiness was contagious– just looking at them, you could feel their joy and excitement! Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. I loved getting to know you and all of your closest friends and family, hearing all the sweet and hilarious stories that were recounted throughout the day, and having the opportunity to capture all of the joy of your celebration!

Wedding Planner: Heather Minor Events| Second Photographer: Christina Carlson | Flowers: Sue Bridgman | Caterer: CKs | Hair: Mane Muse | Makeup: Britt Davis | Band: The Groove Merchants


Alicia & Eric’s Trail Creek Pavilion Wedding

Alicia and Eric had a fabulous wedding at Trail Creek Pavilion last weekend. Surrounded by family and friends, they looked stunning as they were married on the lawn overlooking Bald Mountain, and then went on to have quite a party! It was so much fun to get to spend some time with them, get to know all their people and to capture their big day. Thanks to a great team of vendors for helping to bring it all together!

Wedding Planner: Amanda Seaward of Absolute Weddings | Second Photographer: Amanda Nagy | Flowers: Tara Bella Flowers | Hair: Mane Muse | Makeup: Britt Davis | Band: The Salamanders

Ceremony Music: Michael Dowdle | Invitations: Petra Kern Designs | Cake: Konditorei | Videography: Piece by Piece Films | Dress Designer: Inbal Dror | Suit Designer: Robert Stanley Bespoke

Ariana + Reid’s Sun Valley Wedding

Ariana and Reid were married on Saturday in a wedding that had it all– a beautiful ceremony at Our Lady of The Snows Catholic Church, the best weather, a stunning reception at the home of Reid’s parents, and an amazing party surrounding by their closest family and friends!  It was so much fun to be a part of their big day and so wonderful to work with such a great team to make it all happen!

Second Photographer: Amanda Nagy | Wedding Planner: Kelley Maybo of Blue Bottle Events | Flowers: Rust and Thistle Florist |Hair & Makeup: Heather Andrea | Catering: Mason Family Restaurants | Bar: Sean Stephens | Music: Brad Hershey, Jason Vontver & Beck Vontver |  DJ: Jason Spicer/Train | Rentals: That’s Entertainment | Lighting:Jay Cutler | Transportation: Northside Bus Company

Our spring trip to Zion!

Its always so rejuvenating to get out of town! This spring we took a trip down to Zion National Park, and got some great family time in. We hadn’t been to Zion for 10 years– last time we were there Asha was 1, and now she is 11! We also had kind of a milestone– doing out first real mountain bike ride with Kyra– so exciting! The trip definitely gave us a little bit of spring fever and we are ready for summer!

The Pet Project has been fun!

We’ve been having a blast getting to meet all sorts of furry friends during our third annual Pet Project (to benefit The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley) over the last couple of weeks. It’s been so much fun! Here are some images from some of our early sessions!