The rest of Kira & Gurdeep’s Portland Wedding!

Although they knew that two ceremonies would make for a long day, Kira and Gurdeep honored his heritage with a ceremony in a Sikh Temple in the morning (see the previous post about their wedding), but also wanted to have a more traditional American wedding ceremony in the afternoon, which reflected more of Kira’s background. The afternoon ceremony was a very personal reflection of their life as a couple. Escorted by their parents, Gurdeep and Kira each walked down two separate aisles at the same time. Siblings served as their wedding party and nieces and nephews were the flower girls and ring bearers. They were married by their friend Aaron (a former roommate) and wrote and read their own vows.

After their second ceremony, family and friends ate delicious food, followed by desert– a mix of Indian sweets and local Portland ice cream– and then danced the night away to wedding classics with a little bit of Indian Bhangara music mixed in. The entire event was a wonderful melding of the two of them, their families and their traditions!



Kira and Gurdeep’s Indian Portland Wedding

When my brother-in-law Gurdeep told us that he and his fiance were getting married and wanted help planning their wedding, I was super excited to be a part of it, and to help them figure out the nuances of putting together a multi cultural wedding.

As many of you know, I have kind of an interesting background– my American hippie parents became Sikhs (an Indian religion) before I was born and my sisters and I grew up in India. I met my Indian husband Gurmeet in boarding school in India but he and his brothers grew up in the States, so our two families have kind of a funny cross cultural thing going on. When my husband and I got married 13 years ago, it was fun (and challenging) to figure out how to represent both of cultures in a meaningful way.  We ended up doing two different wedding ceremonies in the same day– one traditional Indian Sikh wedding, and one more American ceremony.

Kira and Gurdeep decided to do the same thing, with two different ceremonies. Gurdeep’s fiance Kira grew up in Portland (without the whole India connection that I had) and the couple have both lived in Portland for years. They are a super cute, quirky couple and love a lot about the whole Bollywood culture (India’s version of Hollywood) and wanted to incorporate that with some of Portland’s unique culture into their wedding.  Here are some images from the first half of their wedding day, when they did their traditional Sikh ceremony.

Stay tuned for another blog post with their second ceremony and the rest of their wedding day!


Cassie and Drew are getting married soon!

Just wanted to share some images from Cassie and Drew’s engagement session, which we did this fall. I love doing engagement shoots, because they are a great opportunity for me and the couple to just spend a little time getting to know one another before their wedding day. Cassie and Drew are such a fun, interesting and sweet couple and I can’t wait to share images from their winter wedding, which is coming up in February at the Sun Valley Clubhouse!


I am grateful…

I have a lot to be thankful for and love that there is a time of year dedicated to reflecting on those things.

I am grateful to my husband for being willing to come along on whatever adventure I come up with next (among many other things!). I am lucky to have kids who bring such joy into our lives and are such great travelers. I am grateful to live in a community where I get to do what I love. I am grateful to my clients for supporting my photography, and to my employees for helping me to get it all done, so that I can also have the time to go exploring with my family.

Here our some images from a recent trip to the San Juan Islands– we had such a wonderful time exploring!


Jamie + Kevin

I met Jamie and Kevin when I photographed their wedding almost ten years ago (they had two ceremonies, one at Pioneer Cabin and one over Trail Creek, but that is a story for another day). At the time they were living in Portland. Now ten years later, they have moved back to the valley, have two amazing kids, and have made a wonderful life for themselves, centered around food and living a healthy lifestyle. Kevin is a musician and has worked at all of the best restaurants in the valley. Jamie is an integrative nutritionist and has dedicated her career to helping people make healthy choices that fit into their busy lives.

As I struggle with the constant challenge to find a balance between my work and home life, to give my work the energy it needs, to find plenty of quality time to spend with family and friends, to spend time outside and to feed my kids healthy food, I really admire Jamie and Kevin and the life they have created for themselves. I are lucky to call them friends. Here are some images of their family at home.

You can check out Jamie’s integrative nutrition here:

and Kevin’s music here:



The freshest of food (and drink!) at CK’s

As we all know, the food at CK’s is always delicious. Much of that is due to CK and his team and their skill in the kitchen, but their commitment to fresh, local ingredients (some of which are grown in the garden right outside the restaurant) helps too! Every couple of years, I get to walk a block up the street with my camera gear to capture some of that beautiful food. Kinda makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?



At home with the Herricks

There’s nothing I like more than hanging out with people for a couple of hours, camera in hand, and seeing what happens. It’s such a pleasure to let the situation unfold naturally, as it would if I was not there. Inevitably, the moments that I capture during these ‘Real Life’ sessions lead to some of my very favorites images.

When I talked with Elizabeth and Sam, we decided that it would be fun to just capture a normal morning at home with their kids. I told them not to worry about getting ready for the session, just to do what they would normally do on a Saturday morning. That’s just what they did– making breakfast together, doing a puzzle on the living room floor, letting the kids jump on the sofa and play in their rooms. The Herricks are a family that loves being together, being present, just doing ordinary things. At first Gus and Grayson (two kids with big personalities!) paid attention to me, but after a little while, they seemed to forget that I was there. And that’s when I got a chance to see those special moments– the real ones. Thank you Elizabeth and Sam for the allowing me into your lives for a couple of hours.

Even though the pictures that we make during these sessions are simple and could be called ordinary, these portraits are special– we are all striving to live in the moment, to really experience being with our families without the distraction of everything else in life– and to be able to preserve a few of these moments is an extraordinary thing.






Watching Katelyn & John’s family grow

It is so much fun to look back at images from the last few years, and to see the progression of a family. I met Katelyn through her work at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts around the time that she and John started planning their wedding.

Here is an image from their engagement session…

They had the sweetest wedding at The Homestead…

When their son was born, we did a newborn session in my studio…

When little Harlan was 6 months old, I got to go their home for a sweet little session…

Now I can’t wait for Harlan’s one year session, which should be coming up pretty soon. Thank you Katelyn and John– it has been a pleasure working with you over the years!


Little Eamon turns two!

I know I have said this before, but I feel so honored to get to document families as they grow. I met Nichole and Aaron a few months before Eamon was born, and have had so much fun working with them ever since! Just for fun, I thought I would post images from the different sessions we have done as their family has grown over the last couple of years!

Here is an image from their first session, which was done in an orchard by the river where they always spent a lot of time walking with their dog.

A few months later, when Eamon was born, we took him to the park to capture the family with the fall colors.

We also had fun creating a similar image to the one that we did at their maternity session!

When Eamon turned one, we went back to the same park! Here are some of the images from that session.


And finally, last week, when Eamon turned two, we decided to do their session in Nichole and Aaron’s backyard, and walking on the bike path near their house. I love doing sessions at people’s homes, because not only are kids super comfortable in their own space, but in the long run, it is also so much fun to have great images taken in a place that is so special to you.

Thank you Aaron & Nichole for letting me document your lives over the past couple of years! I have thoroughly enjoyed it!