Everyday, people invite me into their lives to celebrate the ordinary and the extradinary moments that define them. I believe that choosing a photographer is as much about the experience we will have together as it is about the enduring images that are created.
I’m not after contrived snapshots. I’m looking to capture a more intangible and crucial element: authentic experience.
I am a documentary photographer at heart, but photographing people is more than simply capturing the moments before me. Providing truly great images goes beyond technical expertise. It requires insight, intuition and the ability to connect on an emotional level. I truly believe that developing friendships with my clients is what leads to great images.
The most important element of an image is the most intangible: emotion. I met my husband when I was sixteen, and today he is still my best friend. We have two amazing daughters. We love living in the Wood River Valley– riding our bikes into town for a concert on a summer evening or snowshoeing together in the winter. I am so blessed to be in a business that caters to people like us– couples and parents that value relationships and realize the importance of wonderful experiences and remarkable images.
I am so grateful for the journey that photography has taken me on. From my formal training in photojournalism, teaching with some of the world’s best photographers at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and international exposure through my published work– photography continues to enrich my life.
I am truly blessed.


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