The freshest of food (and drink!) at CK’s

As we all know, the food at CK’s is always delicious. Much of that is due to CK and his team and their skill in the kitchen, but their commitment to fresh, local ingredients (some of which are grown in the garden right outside the restaurant) helps too! Every couple of years, I get to walk a block up the street with my camera gear to capture some of that beautiful food. Kinda makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?


Exciting new print products!

We are so excited to announce a whole new line of print products! We spent some time last winter at trade shows, scouring the industry for great new products, and have settled on some fantastic items. We think you will be excited about them! Here’s a little preview for you!

Some great new WALL ART options.


Modern and rustic at the same time, our Wood Prints feature your image on a wooden surface with warm tones and natural grain. These come with the option to let the wood grain show through for a more rustic look, or with a white base (as shown below) so that the grain does not show through.


Brighten up any workspace with sleek, contemporary Metal Prints that have great depth and dimension. Images are printed directly onto high quality aluminum for a clean and lasting finish, which shows off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can. We offer metal prints in a variety of surfaces, from high gloss to low glare matte finish.



Our metal collections are a more contemporary take on our ever popular canvas collections. With our Metal Collections, a group of metal prints hang together, playing off each other and allowing you to display lots of great little moments from your session. The metal prints are crisp and vibrant, and have a more contemporary feel with their clean edges.



A more edgy take on our classic metal prints. With our Fine Art Metals, your image is printed on the face of a brushed aluminum box, for a stylish display. As with our wood prints, you can go with a clear base to let the texture of the metal show through, or with a white base (as shown below) so that the texture does not show through.



For a real fine art and tactile finish, check out our Framed Torn-Edge Prints. Your image is printed on beautiful fine art watercolor paper with hand-torn edges, and then framed floating in your choice of frame. We offer several different sizes and configurations of torn edge prints, which of course can all be printed in either black & white or color!

We are so excited about adding a new IMAGE BOX AND BOOK to our collection.


The Legacy Box makes a wonderful, versatile presentation for your images. Ten 8×10 fine art prints are matted in thick 11×14 museum quality mattes, and placed inside this beautiful image box with a printed cover.  The images can be stored in the box or can be framed individually, with the option to switch out a featured one or given as gifts.


Another innovative piece that we are super excited about– this book doubles as a display piece for a shelf or mantel, as it can placed on a table top or displayed standing up. Like our popular portrait albums, these albums are printed on beautiful paper with 30 pages of fun layouts to feature images from your session.

And some great new TABLE TOP & GIFT ITEMS:

We wanted to add some fun new table top options to our product line (both for your home and for gifts), and are so excited with the ones we found! Check them out!


We love these beautiful, tactile pieces. Images are printed on a stunning smooth surface and permanently mounted to a solid piece of a sustainably harvested bamboo.  The distinctive pattern of the bamboo is exposed along the edge of the panel with a smooth finish. They are ready to display with a carved out keyhole on the back for easy hanging, or can be placed onto a shelf or mantel.


Our table top Metal Print come with easel backs or curved to stand on their own. They are beautiful, durable pieces that come ready to display– no need for a matte or frame!

Best of the Valley 2018

Thank you to all our supporters over the years, so excited to have again been voted Best in the Valley (Gold) for 2018! We couldn’t have done it without all our amazing clients, friends, and families! THANK YOU! Click here to see all the other “bests” in the valley. 

All about honey bees!

I love editorial work– the documentary photographer in me loves heading out on a shoot, not quite knowing what the day has in store for me. I love learning about something new through the eyes of my subject. So it’s always fun when one of the magazines calls with an interesting story in mind. This spring I got to do a really unique shoot for Sun Valley Magazine – honey bees! I had the rare opportunity to spend some time with Tom Harned, owner of 5B honey as he worked. It was my first time wearing a bee mask– which made it a little tricky to hold the camera to my face and get close to the bees, but it was quite an adventure!

Check out the feature, written by Gwen Ashley Walters, in Sun Valley Magazine.  https://sunvalleymag.com/articles/natures-nectar/

A Saturday with the Sammis Family

People always say to me—“you wouldn’t believe what happened at our house the other day! I wish you could have been there with your camera!” And I wish I could have been there too. Because those un-expected everyday moments are the ones I love to photograph.


I was excited to spend a fun morning with Stephanie and Clay’s family doing just that! With three boys between the ages of 6 and 13, life at the Sammis home is far from boring. Just in the few hours I was hanging out, the kids did homework, jumped on their trampoline, played foosball, fed their pet iguana, and took a bike ride to the skate park in town (among other things)!  This is life everyday at their house (and mine and yours too I suspect.) A beautiful mix of chaos and calm. And these are some of the important moments- the ones we want to remember.


And so, we are introducing the “Story of You”- a lifestyle photography session documenting the ordinary moments in your life. The unscripted, real flashes of life that can slip by unnoticed. It’s your story and I will you help tell it. It can just be you hanging out with your family being you. We can do a lazy morning at home or we can go on a hike or a bike ride. I can photograph you making breakfast, reading books, sledding, nursing, or chasing the chickens. You can be picking carrots in the garden, taking a trip to the grocery store, jumping in puddles or giving the kids a bath.

Whatever it is that fills your day and makes your family glow, let me tag along to capture your story today so that you can look back and remember it tomorrow….”The Story of You.”

A Quick Trip to Cuba

I have wanted to go to Cuba for as long as I can remember.  So when a friend suggested that we go there for our annual no-kids trip, we jumped at the chance.  Cuba definitely lived up to the hype. I have never been to a communist country, and definitely not one that has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long, as Cuba has. Over the course of the four days that we were there, it was super interesting to piece together and slowly begin to understand the history and culture of Cuba and where it stands today.

The trip was short (when you go on a trip without the kids, you only get so much time!), so we stayed in Havana—making the decision to try to really see the city, instead of rushing to try to see the whole country. We spent our days wandering the streets of Havana, eating (though the food was quite disappointing thanks to communism!), drinking (lots of rum to be sampled!), trying to perfect the art of smoking a cigar (I personally was not super talented in this area!), and of course photographing (such a treat!).  Here are some pictures from our trip—hope you enjoy them!

Selfies! Because I just couldn’t help myself…

I first went to India when I was 7 years old in 1986. I was in boarding school there for 9 years. At that point, India was closed to most outside companies and development. Things were as most of us have always thought of India– with a traditional culture that was not very influenced by the west (except of course for colonialism). As school children, we spent a ridiculous portion of the little money we had on hard to find, and very coveted American candy. All that time, things really didn’t change all that much. I moved back to the states for college, and because life is crazy, somehow it took me 15 years to get back to India. And boy have things changed! There is now a middle class. In major cities, you can now find McDonalds and Dominos, cars of all makes and models, and cell phones. Cell phones every where. You can live in a hut, or drive a rickshaw, and you will have a cell phone. And what I discovered on this trip, is that Indians love their selfies. And because I love the juxtaposition of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, I couldn’t help myself.

Brett Dennen works with students at the Community School


I have always loved Brett Dennen’s work. But after photographing him working with a small group of choir students at The Community School (and then performing with them for the rest of the school) last week, I love it even more. I am so lucky to get the opportunity to photograph amazing things like this as the photographer for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. It was so inspiring to hear Brett Dennen talking to the kids about the music being an expression of who he really is, and how important it is to be true to yourself in your work. He really opened up to the kids, talking to them about being kind and standing up for people, and answered all sorts of cute questions from the audience. Of course, the crowd loved him and the kids all crowded around to talk to him afterwards. I love our little town, where kids in our schools get opportunities to work with and meet amazing artists– thanks to the Sun Valley Center for the Arts!