Cassie and Drew are getting married soon!

Just wanted to share some images from Cassie and Drew’s engagement session, which we did this fall. I love doing engagement shoots, because they are a great opportunity for me and the couple to just spend a little time getting to know one another before their wedding day. Cassie and Drew are such a fun, interesting and sweet couple and I can’t wait to share images from their winter wedding, which is coming up in February at the Sun Valley Clubhouse!

Alicia & Eric’s Sun Valley Winter Engagement Session

One of the best things about my job is getting to know people as much as I can before their wedding day so that I can make the pictures really reflect who they are. We often start by asking couples how they met and about their engagement stories, which always gives us some great insight into who they are. Here’s how Alicia and Eric got engaged:

“Let’s just say I wasn’t completely in the dark. We had decided on the ring together so I knew the proposal was imminent, but at the same time I was constantly under suspense and getting my nails done every week and hair blown out every Friday 🙂 It was getting expensive… Eric led me to believe that we were going to a BBQ in Malibu one Saturday. On the way to the “BBQ”, Eric pulled over at Point Dume and said he wanted to go out to the bluff to check the waves. He asked if I wanted to check it out, as we both love the spot, it is quite beautiful. As we arrived at the bluff, I looked out on the ocean, and when I turned around, Eric was on one one knee and asked to spend the rest of his life with me!”

Alicia and Eric’s engagement session was a fun adventure, as the winter ones always are! Capturing the last rays of the sun on a cold Sun Valley day, Alicia looked beautiful in everything she put on, Eric was a good sport with wet leather shoes and their little dog Milo was not a big fan of the cold but hung in there for a few shots!

Lilly & Stefan’s sweet engagement session


Lilly has been my studio manager for four or five months now, and I was so excited when she got engaged in August, and even more excited when she asked me to photograph her upcoming wedding. She and Stefan are so sweet together, and we had so much fun during their engagement session this fall. We were lucky to capture the last rays of the evening sun.


Lauren & Kenneth are getting married!

My job is pretty sweet, I must say! I know that I say that all the time, and of course there are things that make it a drag (you know, all that pesky running your own business stuff that is not actually photography related), but still, it’s pretty fun! When Lauren’s mom called to say that Lauren and Kenneth are getting married next summer and they wanted me to be the photographer, I was bummed because I was already booked for their date and this would have been the third wedding in the family that I would get to photograph. But she called back the next day and said that they could move the wedding back a couple of days, and now I get to be their photographer! Which is fun because their family is awesome and because Lauren and Kenneth are just super cute together!

I loved hearing their proposal story. Super sweet! “…We were in the Grand Cayman Islands for my uncle’s wedding. The proposal was the day after the wedding. The whole family was getting ready for dinner, and I asked Lauren to come with me to watch the sunset. Little did she know that there were flower petals in a heart shape on the beach and a photographer ready to capture the event. We walked down to the beach… I turned to her and told her how much I loved her and wanted her to be in my life forever. I knelt down on one knee and asked her. The whole family was watching from the resort balcony and irrupted in cheer. We lit a Chinese wish lantern and watched it fly into the distance after making a wish.”

We had their engagement session planned for a few weeks ago when they were in town for the weekend and the weather was looking if-y to say the least (cold with a very good chance of snow), but because they were only here for the weekend, we decided to just go ahead with the shoot. And as I often am, I was so glad that we just went for it. Stormy days can be the best for photography. We got a mix of beautiful light, stormy clouds, sun and snow, all in a little over an hour.

Cant wait for the wedding next summer– congrats Lauren & Kenneth!

Jonathan & Alexandra: Snowy SV Engagement



Can’t believe all of this snow we are getting! Even though it’s cold and wet, and always a bit of a mess, I have to say that I love shooting in the snow– especially when it’s really coming down! Because it’s so much more unpredictable, it offers a fun little challenge and adds some spontaneity to the shoot. Jonathan and Alexandra’s engagement photos were no exception, and I have to say that I was very impressed when Jonathan tackled Alexandra for a little wrestle in the snow– I love that they were not afraid to get wet!  The couple visits Sun Valley a couple of times a year from their current home in London and are excited to be planning a wedding here this summer.

Backcountry and out-of-bounds with the future Pattons…

Mollie and Tucker Engagement_018

Had a blast celebrating Mollie & Tucker’s engagement over an afternoon of snowshoeing on the last day of 2015. To an equally sunny (but slightly warmer) Big Day at Trail Creek in August! Congrats again, you two!

Sam + Adam, Ketchum Engagement Session

Sam and Adam Engagement_055Had the chance to spend some time with and photograph Sam and Adam’s engagement session over the holidays. They live in NYC, but Adam has been coming to the valley to ski since he was little and they are excited to be planning a wedding at Sun Valley’s Trail Creek Cabin this summer. Can’t wait!

Jole + Stephen Engaged!

DK-151130-1411Just a little peek at last week’s engagement session with Jole and Stephen. What a cute couple– fun and creative (she is a personal stylist and he is in marketing). Can’t wait for the wedding this summer at Galena Lodge!


Lindsay & Lucas’ Engagement Portraits, Sun Valley Idaho


Had so much fun doing engagement portraits with Lindsay and Lucas on Monday. Can’t wait for their wedding this winter! Here’s a quick little preview of the images we took…