Kids & Families

The Evans Family goes sledding!

I had so much fun getting to know the Evan’s family, who recently moved to Sun Valley from Seattle. They have the sweetest kids. Now, it’s very important to have pretty portraits of everyone looking their best, but after that’s done, it’s always nice to have a more little fun! For me, these ‘extra’ images often end up being my favorite! Here are a few…

…and of course, a few of the pretty portraits!


I am grateful…

I have a lot to be thankful for and love that there is a time of year dedicated to reflecting on those things.

I am grateful to my husband for being willing to come along on whatever adventure I come up with next (among many other things!). I am lucky to have kids who bring such joy into our lives and are such great travelers. I am grateful to live in a community where I get to do what I love. I am grateful to my clients for supporting my photography, and to my employees for helping me to get it all done, so that I can also have the time to go exploring with my family.

Here our some images from a recent trip to the San Juan Islands– we had such a wonderful time exploring!


At home with the Herricks

There’s nothing I like more than hanging out with people for a couple of hours, camera in hand, and seeing what happens. It’s such a pleasure to let the situation unfold naturally, as it would if I was not there. Inevitably, the moments that I capture during these ‘Real Life’ sessions lead to some of my very favorites images.

When I talked with Elizabeth and Sam, we decided that it would be fun to just capture a normal morning at home with their kids. I told them not to worry about getting ready for the session, just to do what they would normally do on a Saturday morning. That’s just what they did– making breakfast together, doing a puzzle on the living room floor, letting the kids jump on the sofa and play in their rooms. The Herricks are a family that loves being together, being present, just doing ordinary things. At first Gus and Grayson (two kids with big personalities!) paid attention to me, but after a little while, they seemed to forget that I was there. And that’s when I got a chance to see those special moments– the real ones. Thank you Elizabeth and Sam for the allowing me into your lives for a couple of hours.

Even though the pictures that we make during these sessions are simple and could be called ordinary, these portraits are special– we are all striving to live in the moment, to really experience being with our families without the distraction of everything else in life– and to be able to preserve a few of these moments is an extraordinary thing.






The Wiggins Family

Throughout the year, but especially in the summer, I do lots of portraits of extended families. It’s alway so fun to see everyone together having a great time– cousins, grandparents, grown siblings. Thanks to the Wiggins family for a fun session this summer!


The Wall Twins

Oh how I love a portrait session where I just get to go spend some time at a clients’ home, capturing them and their kids just hanging out, being themselves. The images are always so fun and so real. These little twins have their one year session coming up, which reminded me of our session with them a couple of months ago, so I thought I would share. Thanks Amy and Andrew for the great shoot! Can’t wait for the next one!




Watching kids grow…

When Alicia called to schedule her latest shoot, I asked her to tell me a little bit about what Lachlan and Archie are like right now. I have been lucky to photograph both of the boys a bunch of times since their newborn sessions, but as they grow things are always changing, and it’s great to hear how their little personalities are developing, and what they are into. She warned me that Lachlan is a total poser (and might need some toning down!) and that Archie doesn’t like to pose for photos at all. So we kept things moving, so neither boy would have much of a chance to think about the camera (which was helped by a huge rain cloud quickly approaching!), and had such a fun, spontaneous session!


Our spring trip to Zion!

Its always so rejuvenating to get out of town! This spring we took a trip down to Zion National Park, and got some great family time in. We hadn’t been to Zion for 10 years– last time we were there Asha was 1, and now she is 11! We also had kind of a milestone– doing out first real mountain bike ride with Kyra– so exciting! The trip definitely gave us a little bit of spring fever and we are ready for summer!


The Pet Project has been fun!

We’ve been having a blast getting to meet all sorts of furry friends during our third annual Pet Project (to benefit The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley) over the last couple of weeks. It’s been so much fun! Here are some images from some of our early sessions!


Hooray for the Pet Project 2018!

It’s time for another Pet Project! As we all know, the Wood River Valley is an extremely pet friendly place. Our furries are family members. The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley has spent countless hours creating a safe haven for all kinds of animals, and even more hours put towards finding them “forever” homes. We want to celebrate their efforts (and show our love for our pets) by offering the Pet Project 2018 at the beginning of May!

Over the years, it’s been really nice to get to know everyone’s stories of their sweet pets through these Pet Project sessions.  We’d like to share some of the images from a couple of our favorite shoots from last year’s sessions.

Here is Audrey Boyer and her dog Pearl, a blue Heeler mix, who was part of the Boyer family for over 14 years. Pearl was brought to the shelter after having been found alone in the snow up Fisher Creek with an open bag of dog food. She was only a year old. Amy brought her daughter Audrey and their dogs Pearl and Tico in to the studio for last year’s Pet Project. Shortly after the session, we found out that Pearl passed away. While she is dearly missed, we’re so very happy she got to spend most of her life with her human Audrey and the rest of the family. Pearl loved to hike, fetch sticks and swim, and of course, eating and sleeping!

This sweet email from Amy made our day, “I just wanted to let you know how extra meaningful our photos of Audrey with dogs now are…. We actually haven’t hung up the photos yet – we just needed a bit more time before we could look at her smiling face again! But once we do hang them, I know they’ll make us all feel happy as we remember our funny little Pearlie Girl.”


…and as we always say, we love ALL your animals and welcome them with open arms and camera!

Here is Skylar and her birds Lou the parakeet and Rio the Caique. Rio came from the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary and likes 24/7 attention and to tear up anything within reach, while Lou is content sitting on Skylar’s shoulder or staring at himself in the mirror. Both birds are very very sweet. One of Skylar, Rio and Lou’s favorite activities together is showering! (The birds have their own special perch), and hanging out in the kitchen together nibbling on snacks.