Baby on the way…

Caroline Caixa Pregnancy_001Just wanted to share a few images of beautiful, pregnant Carol. Can’t wait to photograph the baby!


Jameson Studio Pregnancy Portrait, Hailey Idaho

idaho pregnancy portrait 1

I remember when I was pregnant, people would always tell me that I had that pregnancy “glow” and I was definitely not convinced that that was true! But here I am, about to say the same thing about Lindsey, who is a beautiful pregnant woman! I love playing with light in the studio and Lindsey couldn’t have been a more glowing subject! She and Ian are expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to meet the little guy or girl!

idaho pregnancy portrait 2


A little something to share with you…


I am always trying to articulate what it is about being a photographer that I love so much. There are so many things—the creativity, the challenge to create evocative images, the chance to freeze a tiny fraction of time forever—but when it comes down to it, I think the most significant thing is the experience. The experience I have working with my clients and the experience they have working with me.

For me—the amazing thing is that in a really short amount of time, I really get to know people, because I get to share in such intimate and emotional moments with them. That is of course true on a person’s wedding day, but also when it is just spending an hour or two with a couple while they laugh, run with and hug their kids during a portrait session.

For them—having photographs taken is meaningful because the photographs are wonderful to have—to freeze an instant in time, to be able to look back and remember the little details and significant moments in our lives. But I have always thought that it is just as important that having your photograph taken be a wonderful experience—that you enjoy yourselves while it is happening and that when you look back at those images, the memory of having them taken be a great one.

I wanted to articulate this thought and share it with people in a way that would communicate feeling. With the help of my ever so resourceful husband Gurmeet, and the talented Caroline Woodham (who photographed and put the whole thing together), this is what we came up with. A video that will hopefully give you a little glimpse into what I do.

Thank you so much for Caroline Woodham for all her help, to Lindsy & Justin Ward for sharing their wedding day with us, to Megan and Kris Gergen for sharing their precious little baby girl Opal, and to the Radulescus for a great family portrait session. And of course thanks to Adelaide Mason for all the great assistance, as always!