Sweet Little Esther

My girls are getting so big (middle school and second grade!), and while this stage is amazing, it is ever so fun to get a little newborn fix every once in a while– getting to hold, play with and photograph sweet little babies not long after they are born! Little Esther definitely is a cute one and was a joy to photograph. Thank you Kaitana and Daniel for sharing her with me for a couple of hours!



Can’t go wrong with cute babies and cute kids!

Had so much fun getting to know Kirsten and her husband Jimmy and their cute little boys! I was very impressed with Blaise, who managed his big brother duties quite well while and holding and playing with little Jace. Congrats guys– you’ve got some fun years ahead of you!


Little Rawly

Rawly Friedman Newborn Images_001I have been such a slacker with posting things lately, but I promise to be much better! Here’s an image from a recent session that I can’t resist posting! How cute is this little guy? Congrats to Gretel and Charles for your wonderful new addition! He sure is sweet! And a few more of the proud parents!


So very thankful


It’s holiday season here at Dev Khalsa Photography, and Laurel and I have been busy little elves!

I always feel so lucky to love what I do, but every once in a while, I get a card or email from a client that reminds me how special it is that I to get to share so intimately in people’s lives. This came down the pipeline the other day and I thought I would pass it along.

Dev, You may remember Gerri’s mother at our Christmas photo shoot last year.  She passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 102, so we have been somewhat consumed with making sure she had a beautiful funeral to match her beautiful life.  We are soooooo grateful that we had the whole family together last Christmas and we are doubly thankful that we had the amazing Dev Khalsa come over to capture the occasion.  We have the whole family on canvas going up the stairs at our house in Hailey so can always remember our last Christmas all together.  I’m sure you already know this, but I hope this helps you understand just how special and important your talent is in people’s lives. Hope to see you soon.  Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Best regards, Mike

As we gear up for the holidays, I want to send best wishes to you all and encourage you (in the height of this hectic time) to take a moment to revel in the small things.


Big Wood Baby

Adri Klemer Newborn_018Had so much fun getting to know Adri & Dave and photograph their sweet little girl down by the Big Wood River in Hailey!


One of my favorite families to photograph…

Stoops Family Spring 2015_001

One thing that is so fun about my job is getting to see families grow over time– getting to know a couple as they get married, have one child, and then the next and then the next, and getting to be there to document it all along the way. So in addition to some shots from this fun spring session, here is a photo from Brylee’s newborn session (the older sister) and Graylin’s newborn session (the littlest girl). There have been some other fun portrait sessions in between but I thought I would share these because it’s so fascinating to see how cute little babies turn into great little people full of personality!

Brylee_001Graylin Stoops Newborn_006


There’s no place like home…

Grace:Lilla Aanestad

Rachel Aanestad grew up in the valley. For years she has been living in Chicago with her husband Andy. After years working as a busy architect in a big firm, she and Andy decided it was time to move back to the valley, where they could take advantage of all the wonderful things about raising a family here in our nurturing community. We had a beautiful shoot in the studio with Grace and her new little sister Lilla.

Aanestad fam collage




Sun Valley Newborn Photography, and lots of it!


I love newborn baby season! I never know when it is going to come because it’s at a different time every year, but it seems like once or twice a year there is a time when lots of babies are being born at once. This year it was in February. I had lots of fun photographing tiny, cuddly newborn babies and thought I would share several of them in one post. Thank you to all of the families that shared their little ones with me. Enjoy!


A little something to share with you…


I am always trying to articulate what it is about being a photographer that I love so much. There are so many things—the creativity, the challenge to create evocative images, the chance to freeze a tiny fraction of time forever—but when it comes down to it, I think the most significant thing is the experience. The experience I have working with my clients and the experience they have working with me.

For me—the amazing thing is that in a really short amount of time, I really get to know people, because I get to share in such intimate and emotional moments with them. That is of course true on a person’s wedding day, but also when it is just spending an hour or two with a couple while they laugh, run with and hug their kids during a portrait session.

For them—having photographs taken is meaningful because the photographs are wonderful to have—to freeze an instant in time, to be able to look back and remember the little details and significant moments in our lives. But I have always thought that it is just as important that having your photograph taken be a wonderful experience—that you enjoy yourselves while it is happening and that when you look back at those images, the memory of having them taken be a great one.

I wanted to articulate this thought and share it with people in a way that would communicate feeling. With the help of my ever so resourceful husband Gurmeet, and the talented Caroline Woodham (who photographed and put the whole thing together), this is what we came up with. A video that will hopefully give you a little glimpse into what I do.

Thank you so much for Caroline Woodham for all her help, to Lindsy & Justin Ward for sharing their wedding day with us, to Megan and Kris Gergen for sharing their precious little baby girl Opal, and to the Radulescus for a great family portrait session. And of course thanks to Adelaide Mason for all the great assistance, as always!