Another little Stoops baby!

I have been so lucky to photograph Kenna and Lee’s amazing family over the years. They are one of my very favorite families to work with. As each baby was born and grew into the sweet and smart little kids they are today, I got to be there with my camera. A few weeks ago, when little Miles joined the world, we did another newborn session. Here are some images of their now complete family…


The best gift…

After they were married, Megan created an album for Chris. Every year she writes him a love letter and includes a picture for him. When we started the process years ago, the images were just of her. Then she had a baby growing inside of her. Now, years later, the images include her sweet little kids. What a wonderful gift…


Playing in Ketchum’s spring wildflowers

Playing. That’s what pictures of little kids should be all about. Because that’s their life. My favorite thing in the world is when a portrait session is just a chance to go out and play. And of course, while we are at it, to capture some sweet moments that help you remember what it felt like to be little, or to have a little one.

Zuelika and her family live in Pebble Beach but Sun Valley is their home away from home. They come out every year, and every summer for the last five years, I have been lucky enough to get to play with Zuelika and her parents.


Maja and Rob’s engagement session in the Boulder Mountains north of Ketchum

Maja and Rob met studying abroad in Serbia. Rob spent his childhood in Ketchum and Maja grew up in Minnesota but her family is originally from Bosnia/Serbia, and came to the states in 1997. The two of them went to separate universities in the states and didn’t know each other, but ended up in the same program in Belgrade. They’ve been together ever since. She loves that he has this great understanding about her family’s cultural background because of the time they spent abroad together. In the years since they met, Maja has spent lots of time in the Sun Valley, gettin the chance to experience the mountains and rives and all places the shaped Rob as he was growing up.

I loved spending some time getting to the know Rob and Maja and can’t wait for their wedding at Trail Creek this summer!


Dandelions, oh dandelions!

I love everything about dandelions. I don’t care that they are weeds. To me, they are magical and bring so much joy! They mean spring has arrived and they can provide hours of entertainment.

I’ve been going through old images and keep finding dandelion images that I loved, so I thought I would share!


A little trip to Snow Basin

We are skiers for sure, but not usually the kind of skiers that are still skiing all spring and go on a ski trip for spring break (we are usually yearning for warm weather and beaches starting in about February), but this year we decided to give it a try! We were very lucky to get great snow and a blue bird day, and had a blast! The kids are already better skiers than us, so Gurmeet and I were just trying to keep up.

And now that we did that, we are ready for spring– bring on the warm weather!

Welcome to the world baby William!

When Kathryn called to schedule a newborn session with little William, I was so excited, because I was fortunate enough to get to photograph both his big brother and his big sister, and I love, love getting to document families as they grow!

The day that we had chosen for their session was a crazy one– the middle of the one of the big snow storms we got last month. Their house was cozy, the kids were sweet, and the light was beautiful– you couldn’t ask for anything more.

But as we were wrapping up inside, I just couldn’t stop thinking about how little William was born during a record month of snow in Ketchum and that we needed some images to help keep that memory alive. So we bundled everyone up and headed outside to make some images of the McNeal family and their new addition in the middle of a snowstorm! It’s pretty sweet how photography can give us the gift of preserving a simple little moment forever.


Cassie & Drew’s Sun Valley Winter Wedding

Sweet, beautiful, intimate, fun, and most importantly, full of joy. That was Cassie and Drew’s wedding. The two of them have a long history– they dated in high school in Reno but then college and careers took them their separate ways. At a serendipitous joint birthday party for Drew and his dad three years ago, they were re-united. Cassie moved from NYC to Chicago to be with Drew and they got engaged a year ago.

Cassie & Drew’s long history made it easy for their family and friends (who all know each other) to share toasts filled with cute and comical anecdotes about their lives together. It also made the wedding feel like it was a family reunion– one big happy family having the time of their lives as they celebrated a long awaited wedding!

The day was filled with the kind of moments that make me love what I do– Cassie’s dad tearing up when he saw her in her dress for the first time; Drew and his groomsmen cracking up during the wedding party photos; the crowd not being able to stop laughing when, in repeating her vows, Cassie couldn’t help replacing the ‘for richer or for poorer,’ with ‘for richer or for richer,’; the two mom’s dancing together and giggling the whole way through; and Cassie and Drew being lifted into the air by the crowd during the last dance of the night.

Cassie and Drew, so happy for you two! Thank you for choosing me to be document your big day– I loved being a part of it!


Abbey & Matt are getting married!

I know, I know, this is kind of ridiculous, but after spending only a few hours with them, I love everything about Abbey and Matt. It took just a few minutes to be able to tell that they just absolutely love spending time with each together, and their happiness is infectious!

Matt grew up in Twin Falls, eventually moving to NYC for work, where he met Abbey, “We were both working at a video editing company in New York City and from the minute we met, we sort of became inseparable. Going to the movies, seeing live music, laughing our butts off, having honest conversations and talking until the wee hours of the night- I think we both knew from early on that we had found our person.”

They come to Sun Valley often and love to ski, so we chose Baldy as the location for their engagement session. In the year between when a couple books us and when their wedding happens, it’s super important to us to really get to know them. Engagement sessions are part of that process, and so is just hearing about who they are in their own words. Here is what Abbey and Matt said about them as a couple, “We both love to have fun and are unabashedly affectionate! We love to ski, dog-sit for our friends, cook up meals in our apartment (we love Spa night, which is short for Spaghetti!), watch movies (lots of movies!), see live music, travel and explore places we’ve never been, visit art galleries and get our culture on, go for coffee strolls, play the NY Times crossword, and go on adventures!”

…and here’s the sweet story of how they got engaged, “It was a freezing cold Saturday morning in New York. One of those beautiful winter days where the sun is shining but you can see your breath in the air. It was the morning after Abbey had a performance with her band (she is a singer-songwriter) and we set out through the village to get some much needed bagels with lox (a staple!) and coffee. With bellies full, Matt led Abbey into Washington Square Park where he got down on one knee and asked her to marry  him.”

Given how much fun I had doing their engagement session, I can truly say that I can’t wait for their wedding this summer at Galena!